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   ICLPR-ST 2022 follows a significant number of National and/or International Conferences organized in the last 45 years by IFTAR (Institute of Physics and Technology of Radiating Devices) which became later INFLPR.

 The history started with Trends in Quantum Electronics (TQE) series with 3 conferences in 1982, 1985 and 1988, held in Magurele. TQE conferences were organized by IFTAR, Central Institute of Physics, with the support of the Romanian National Committee on Physics and European Physical Society. TQE’85 marked the worldwide celebration of the 25th anniversary of the laser with the participation of Alexander M. Prokhorov, one of the three holders of the Nobel Prize for LASER.

 After 1990, TQE was continued by eight International Conferences on Optics “ROMOPTO”: 1994 and 1997 (Magurele), 2000 (Bucharest), 2003 (Constanta), 2006 and 2009 (Sibiu), 2012 and 2015 (Bucharest). The ROMOPTO 2015 conference was honoured by the participation and plenary talk by Stefan W. Hell, Nobel Prize winner for Chemistry in 2014.

 INFLPR was co-organizer of two itinerary conferences Advanced Laser Technologies (ALT): in Constanta, 2001; and in Brasov, 2006. The 10th International Conference on Photoexcited Processes and Applications (ICPEPA-10) was organized by INFLPR in Brasov, 2016.

 INFLPR organized the 5th Laser Ignition Conference (LIC’17) in Bucharest and two dedicated summer schools, Laser Ignition Summer School 2017 (Brasov) and Laser Ignition Summer School 2018 (Sibiu).

 Another important pillar is plasma conferences by INFLPR in continuation of the Institute of Physics Bucharest (IFB) tradition. ESCAMPIG (European Conference on Atomic & Molecular Physics of Ionized Gases) was organized in 2004 in Constanta. International Conference on Plasma Physics and Applications (CPPA) was alternatively organized in Magurele and Iasi, the last one, 19th, in 2021.

 Two Romanian-French colloquia on Lasers Applications in Biology were organized in 1995 and 2000 at Magurele. Their content was complementary with the larger biomedical field covered by the 6th International Congress of the European Medical Laser Association (EMLA) in 1998 in Bucharest. The 3rd National Conference on Lasers Applications in Medicine and Biology joined with the Annual Conference of the Romanian Society for Lasers in Medicine and Biology (SRLMB) took place in 1999 in Bucharest.

 Special meetings were organized by INFLPR for young members of SPIE and OSA Student Chapters: ISWLA 2011, Bran, Romania; ISCP 2012, Sinaia, Romania; ISCP 2014, Orastie, Romania; IONS Balvanyos 2017, Romania; and ISCP&INDLAS 2018 Joint Conference, Alba-Iulia, Romania.

 INFLPR was the promoter and co-organizer of the Central & Eastern European Conference on Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry (CEEC-TAC1 was held in 2011 at Craiova).

 INFLPR organized several COST EU Conferences: the Joint Conference of the 7th Management Committee and working groups meetings, network “Physics of Droplets”, Bucharest 2009; the 7th Management Committee meeting of the network “Antibiotic Transport and Efflux: New Strategies to Combat Bacterial Resistance”, Bucharest 2012.